Today morning, I posted a message in multiple chat groups.
Clearly, the world around me was not ready for this.

The message

"Today is Wednesday, 28 March 2018"


yes bro!
What's on today?

This guy is jobless.

Engineers group

What am I missing with this date?
Did you integrate your messaging app with emacs?

Since most dates in the calendar are earmarked 'exciting', a boring
date brings natural suspicion.
About the pure evil second comment, Dislike is directly proportional to ignorance

Football group

Yup it is. Good morning.

Class is permanent.


Any deadline?
Is it your birthday?

Hardworking professionals makes the Queen smile.

Another group

Our mutual friend's birthday?

Our mutual friend is not part of this group.

Another another group

Only our hero can solve this puzzle
It’s not my bday 😏

She is sure it is not her birthday. Good, one less job for our hero.

School group

What's special today?

Congratulations on today being today. Ha ha !

Creative Friend

Happy birthday Wednesday💐 many more happy returns of the day😊

This is Epic!

General mass

Who didn't reply in the chat group, because they wish to maintain text message
virginity in the social messaging ecosystem. I applaud that. After all,
the second most important thing in the world is virginity.

What's up with today? x5
Anything special? x3
Why did you post that? People would think there is something odd.
What was that about? x7

Many Peace.

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