Day 1 : No reply.

Day 2 : No reply.

Well, what's the point of being in a messaging ecosystem if we don't yield to its temptations? To keep the civilization going, one must engage in learned discourse, vociferous debates and rude emoticon exchanges. Simply put, one must reply to a friend's message.

Think about it this way:

Millenial Ramayanam. Lakshmanan on his death bed. Raman pings Hanuman, "Bro, ngl, Lak is fried… bad scene… URGENT!… need Sanjeevani ASAP!!!" Assume a scenario where Hanuman ignores the text, and Gen-Y Raman is adamant not to make a phone call to assert the gravity of the situation. It simply ain't cool to call. Couple of days later Hanuman reaches the base camp, smoking chillum, lit af, and through the chillum smoke he sees another huge smoke screen in front of him; understands it is coming from Lakshmanan's funeral pyre, and cries WTAF !!! Now, Raman has one less thing to worry about, and Sugreevan is still plucking Tulsi leaves one at a time in a Himalayan valley thinking it must be Sanjeevani, going by its smell. What a fate!

Well, luckily, Hanuman, my hero, your hero, our hero, everyone's hero, replied immediately "BRB", took the next flight and brought the entire freaking mountain. The episode ended with a close-up shot of Lakshmanan eating protein bars and Greek salad on his path to full fitness and Sugreevan is smoking chillum in the background. Shubham!

My dear friends, moral of the story is that one must reply to their friend's messages at the earliest.

Jai Hanuman. Many peace.


Usage Closest meaning
Bro Short for brother also known as Bruh a.k.a Bruv.
ngl not gonna lie
gonna going to
Lak short for Lakshmanan
scene plight
fried in trouble
ASAP as soon as possible
lit intoxicated or under the influence of some substance; exciting, outstanding, or amazing
af as f word
f another usage of fornication commonly spelled a f@*k
ain't no f-ing idea what that means
WTAF what the actual F word
BRB be right back