The sky was clear and the occasion was auspicious, all set to witness the unwitnessed.

The Misogynist-Feminist wedding!

The cool breeze from the east moved her jet black hair to his teeth. He stopped grinning at once. No one was invited to their wedding, yet they were facing a sea of willing crowd to this fictional reality. When the news was whispered to them on a hot summer day, they were all thunderstruck, and screamed in unison, "What the"!

The ceremony began with frowns. The crowd murmured incessantly. They argued the male was feminist, and female misogynist; said it was a marriage made in paradox not paradise. When the couple vowed to make each other successful, old women in the crowd lifted their hands to mouth in pure shock. Maybe, the crowd was not ready for this, it was way ahead of their time.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals of language convened in a brand new library. Grammar goons waited outside with safety pins and clown hats. They were angry at the innate irony of the scheme, thought it to be a joke; their honor and semantics being dragged through mud. A lesson must be taught. The infidels should be ostracized from dictionaries at the least. At last, the convention decided to punish them with the punishment-that-shall-never-be-given.

A huge drama followed, and the couple lived happily ever-after.

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