Mighty mountains, I saw its curves and peaks,
Up above and far away, amongst clouds and skies.
Through pathless woods, I shall climb to the top,
A strange voice inside my head, but I did not stop.

First came the rain, making my feet wet,
Then came the sun, making my brow sweat.
Pain building in body, but I couldn't care less,
Then I crossed a line, that made the trees jealous

Slippery stones, my mind must decide quick,
The next crucial step in this trek.
For the wrong choice could be as fatal,
As a life, with no adventure to tell.

Alas, I saw the yellow tent by the riverside,
In a valley like a silver necklace on a bride.
Stretched my shape, and washed my face,
With water so cold, that set my wits ablaze.

Twilight flirted with day and night,
Sky blushed as it turned orange, bright.
Adios, I am done for the day, said the setting Sun.
'See you on the other side' was Earth's cunning pun.

The river carried mountain's letter to the sea.
The poem rhymed words of passionate love to me.
Fate, they cannot unite; divided by an invisible wall.
Faith! the mountain awaited the next rainfall.

I looked up, now the canvas was painted black,
A full moon and a thousand splendid suns smiled back.
I walked for long, forlorn, with a mind full of peace.
Mighty mountains, I loved its curves and peaks.

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