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Let us travel back to the age of reptiles. Early reptiles understood the need for world sustainability by reproduction, hence they happily mated, laid eggs and moved on to next honey moon. Reptile nonchalance is criminally underrated. They left their eggs to sun and season to hatch. A reptile life thus begins and ends with its own experiences. Bliss!

Enter the birds. They developed feathers and wings to counter the cold. They had intercourse and more eggs were delivered. Then they broke the age old reptile tradition, and started caring about their eggs by keeping them warm and guarding them from danger. The first act of true selfishness in the evolution of Evolution.

Mammals! When birds thought hair instead of feathers was perfectly stupid, mammals came up with the hitherto unknown notion of having sex and storing eggs inside its own body. Inside the body!!! Such was the shock, bird brains attained its maximum cognisance and reptiles retired from being related. The mammalian eggs came out alive from their body and started crying for food. The mountains and tadpoles echoed the melancholy. Mammals, then acquired the habit of providing protection and nutrition to the offspring. Thus began the suckling and tickling. This Mammalian care lead to mutual understanding and association between the parent and the offspring. The cherishing of the youngling created attachment, and kindled the possibility of learning by imitation. The beginnings of true social life. As H.G.Wells has rightly said, "A teachable type of life had come into the world". The student then became the teacher, thoughts replaced lessons, and life advanced in the world. Here we are!

Secreting or not, all mammalian genders have mammary glands. One gender ceasing to mature at an early age and another maturing at a later stage. Unravelling this bias, a primitive hypothesis suggested that the early mammal children were truly sexist, and chose to suck nipple(s) of one specific gender while disdainfully ignoring the other. The continuous process of suckling and sucking might have caused the growth in the former, and the categorical humiliation could have hindered the growth in the latter. The fallacious theory dared to compare Mammae to the ever expanding universe. Regardless of the intellectual snobbery, it opened up a new space of body research, which, the Children Of Science(COS a.k.a Cause) informally called as 'The shape of you'. Apart from this, two questions of great fiscal and monetary importance are: "Since when did one start wearing the inevitable as an embellishment to poverty, and the other consider this evolutionary augmentation as a world wonder"?

The United League Of Nations(TULON), is seriously contemplating re-introduction of 'Mulakkaram', loosely translated to Breast Tax, which, till the early 20th century, was the tax imposed on lower caste women if they wanted to cover their breasts in public. The women were expected to pay the government a tax on their bosom, as soon as they started developing them. The tax collectors would visit every house to collect Breast(Either of the two fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman) tax from any lower caste women who passed the age of puberty. The tax was evaluated by the collectors depending on the size of their breasts. An American newspaper casually called it as "The Cover Charge", and people laughed for seven consecutive days. Later, they were all hanged, drawn and quartered for the simple crime of shamelessness. The current generation of people in this geographical area unanimously agreed that they are ashamed of their ancestry.

The famous English thought on "To cover or not to cover" continues to baffle the intelligent society. An armchair thinker once said: "A man went outside a bar and looked behind to find it sacrilegious; but from the inside he found it perfectly ordinary". In some parts of the world, people are happy not covering their body or smile, whereas in some other parts of the world covering head to toe is the stepping stone to nirvana. Rest of the world believes in heuristic principles.

To abruptly end is merciful.

Many peace.

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