Mr. Earnest, a Movie Director.

Mrs. Annamma, Movie Director's assistant.

Parthaa, the Driver


Act I. Inside the car parked outside the movie theatre

Act II. Outside the car parked outside the movie theatre

Time: Undefined.
Place: Unknown.


Inside the car parked outside the movie theatre.

[The Director is waiting inside the car.]

[Enter Mrs. Annamma]

ANNAMMA. Earnest, my dear, they are not laughing.

EARNEST. What do you mean they aren't laughing? Did you hear them not laughing?


EARNEST. It is a comedy movie.

ANNAMMA. I know. But there is no laughter. Humour is hiding.

EARNEST. Ridiculous, ridiculous. The script was hilarious. I wrote it.

ANNAMMA. They are just silent. There is a powerful sound vacuum.

EARNEST. That's impossible. I remember it was funny. Didn't it tickle your funny bone?

ANNAMMA. Yes. It did tickle me.

EARNEST. The actors also were hysterical during the filming. They had the time of their life doing what I told them to do.

ANNAMMA. Right Sir. They did laugh their bottoms up.

EARNEST. Why are the audience such cretins?

ANNAMMA. I don't know. But some of them even left the theatre in between the show.

EARNEST. That's cold blooded comedy blasphemy!

ANNAMMA. I couldn't take it as well. That's why I came out to tell you.

EARNEST. Thanks Annamma. Let's get out of here. Where is our driver?

ANNAMMA. I think he inside the hall watching the movie.

EARNEST. Thank goodness, at least the boy has some sense of humour.

ANNAMMA. Here he comes. In his face, I see… satisfaction!

EARNEST. Wonderful, Wonderful!


Outside the car parked outside the movie theatre.

[The Director and Assistant gets out of the car.]

[Enter Parthaa]

EARNEST. Partha, Did you enjoy it?

PARTHAA. Sir, it is Parthaa, not Partha.

EARNEST. Parthaa, Did you enjoy it?

ANNAMMA. Tell us, how was it?

PARTHAA. It was relaxing. Thanks for asking.

EARNEST. Thank God. All that not in vain.

ANNAMMA. Well done Earnest. Congratulations.

EARNEST. Thanks dear.

ANNAMMA. Parthaa, is it over already? I thought it went for another 30 minutes.

PARTHAA. Sorry what? No, I finished it quickly.

ANNAMMA. (exchanging look with Earnest) You finished it quickly…?

EARNEST. Were you not in the theatre?

ANNAMMA. Watching the movie?

PARTHAA. Oh, no.. no.. I was in the toilet.

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