Make us dream!

Liverpool FC is my football club. Palakkad is my beautiful home town in Kerala, India.

I had a dream.

Liverpool FC came to Palakkad to play a football game. Sadio Mane started the game on bench, but he chose to stand with the fans. A confident young boy was standing next to him in the stadium. Naturally, they became friends. Unforeseen, as is usually the case with nature, the game was cancelled few minutes into it. I asked Sadio, “Will you play football with us in my school?“ He said yes. So I took him to Navodaya Vidyalaya, Palakkad, the best school in the world. I introduced Sadio to my friends and they all were ready for a game.


Sadio fell in love with the ground the moment he saw it. Western ghats in the backdrop and the amazing Palakkadan wind made him whisper: “This is where I want to play day in day out”. Sadio played in my team's attack and I played in the midfield. When my goalkeeper played a simple ball to me, I looked up the field and saw Sadio making the run. With my barefoot, I sliced the ball and it was airborne. Seconds later, that touch by Sadio, and the finish, the ball was in the back of the net. The trend continued, he made those runs, and I sent him through on the goal. We won!

After the post match handshake and hug, Sadio asked me: “Why don’t you come to Melwood some day?” in French obviously. I smiled, and said “Oui, I will try. Merci beaucoup”. Sadio flew back to England. On the plane, he spoke to a man called Jurgen Klopp and a week later, I got a call from Liverpool FC, the best football club in the world.

I landed in John Lennon airport. Imagine all the people, waiting for my arrival. I reached Melwood, Liverpool FC's training ground. Sadio introduced me to his friends. Virgil was taller than me. Trent is younger than me. Robbo warned me about Millie's humour sense. Mo's English was better than mine. I gave Ali a chocolate and he kept it. I told Bobby he is my favourite player. The boss gave me hug and said welcome. I was home.

I wore boots for evening's training session. Sadio told the boss that he wanted me to play in his side. I scored one, assisted twice, made a goal saving tackle and broke my ankle.

Hendo lifted the ball onto Mo's path, who cut it back to Bobby, who nonchalantly flicked it into the space behind Virgil. I was too quick for the big man. Blink of an eye, I slotted the ball past Adrian and copied a Bobby celebration. Then Allison played a simple ball to me, I looked up the field and saw Sadio making the run. I sliced the ball and it was airborne. Seconds later, that touch by Sadio and the finish, the ball was in the back of the net. The second assist followed a neat link up play between Bobby, Mo, Sadio and Me. Bobby's no look finish met my cross at the far post. Jurgen's celebration to that was wild.

I might have kicked the wall too hard. That's how I woke up with a broken ankle, but it was definitely worth the dream.


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Mighty mountains


Mighty mountains, I saw its curves and peaks,
Up above and far away, amongst clouds and skies.
Through pathless woods, I shall climb to the top,
A strange voice inside my head, but I did not stop.

First came the rain, making my feet wet,
Then came the sun, making my brow sweat.
Pain building in body, but I couldn't care less,
Then I crossed a line, that made the trees jealous

Slippery stones, my mind must decide quick,
The next crucial step in this trek.
For the wrong choice could be as fatal,
As a life, with no adventure to tell.

Alas, I saw the yellow tent by the riverside,
In a valley like a silver necklace on a bride.
Stretched my shape, and washed my face,
With water so cold, that set my wits ablaze.

Twilight flirted with day and night,
Sky blushed as it turned orange, bright.
Adios, I am done for the day, said the setting Sun.
'See you on the other side' was Earth's cunning pun.

The river carried mountain's letter to the sea.
The poem rhymed words of passionate love to me.
Fate, they cannot unite; divided by an invisible wall.
Faith! the mountain awaited the next rainfall.

I looked up, now the canvas was painted black,
A full moon and a thousand splendid suns smiled back.
I walked for long, forlorn, with a mind full of peace.
Mighty mountains, I loved its curves and peaks.

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Crime scene

What happened?

I was reading a book and suddenly heard a loud noise from outside.

Can you please elaborate?

That's what sir, BANG!, and seconds later, a second BANG.

Will you be able to recreate your evening till the incident?

Yes, sir. Yesterday I came back late from work to attend two more late evening meetings. Ms. Elusive Luck's birthday, both meetings got cancelled at my arrival. So, I practised music for what I thought was an hour. Sir, It was a good workout, and by the end I was sweating and shivering from forehead to heels. I wrapped the set, and was hungrily wandering indoors. That's when i saw the most beautiful thing on my study table. A banana! Who keeps a banana on a study table, sir? Well, I did. Yesterday morning. Sync sir, Unbelievable.

Alright, then what?

Sir, I thought of cooking dinner. Dosa in my mind, I found couple of duck eggs in the fridge. 'Egg Dosa' creeped, sorry, crept into my head. I fetched Dosa batter and eggs to the warmth outside. Roasted some curry leaves, and ground them with chillies into a lush green paste. Fried some Coin Pappads as well.

An eerie silence lurked in the kitchen while I was chopping onions. I added salt and a pinch of turmeric to the onions. Then I introduced our dear eggs to Madame la Guillotine, CRACK! its viscous yellow head crashed into the bowl. I stirred a motley mixture with all that. When the pan on the stove started whispering to the winds I threw a water blanket over it. The pan hissed and shot sodium-in-water tantrums at me. I calmly slid the hot bubbling bubbles into the sink. Then I painted a solar system on the pan with batter. The system had to be perfect. A subtle press in the center followed by concentric Sufi whirling. It must spread into a round Gaussian distribution and scatter a Brownian motion of batter pores. The pores would channel the steam upwards, cooking the layers above en route its itinerary. Then, I sprayed oil, and smeared the lush green paste on top of the maturing Dosa. Few seconds later, I massaged the duck egg mash on the green pasture. Juxtaposition, hitherto unrealistic, was accomplished.

Sir, I flipped the Dosa, and waited for the other side to get cooked, flipped it again, and kept the Dosa aside. Made one more Dosa like that, sir. Later, I ate both Dosas with Maple syrup, Chammanthi Podi, and Coin pappads sir. Sync sir, Unbelievable.

What is a Chammanthi podi?
Sir, this is not the appropriate time sir. Maybe later.


I had a pear, drank 350ml of water, brushed my teeth, wrote a blog post, washed my legs, and went to bed. I continued reading the book "To kill a mockingbird", when suddenly heard a loud noise from outside sir.

Is that it?
Yes sir.

Well, write down your address and phone number. You will have to come to the police station when called upon, to give your statement about yesterday's incident.

Done deal sir. Many peace.

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Misogynist married a feminist

The sky was clear and the occasion was auspicious, all set to witness the unwitnessed.

The Misogynist-Feminist wedding!

The cool breeze from the east moved her jet black hair to his teeth. He stopped grinning at once. No one was invited to their wedding, yet they were facing a sea of willing crowd to this fictional reality. When the news was whispered to them on a hot summer day, they were all thunderstruck, and screamed in unison, "What the"!

The ceremony began with frowns. The crowd murmured incessantly. They argued the male was feminist, and female misogynist; said it was a marriage made in paradox not paradise. When the couple vowed to make each other successful, old women in the crowd lifted their hands to mouth in pure shock. Maybe, the crowd was not ready for this, it was way ahead of their time.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals of language convened in a brand new library. Grammar goons waited outside with safety pins and clown hats. They were angry at the innate irony of the scheme, thought it to be a joke; their honor and semantics being dragged through mud. A lesson must be taught. The infidels should be ostracized from dictionaries at the least. At last, the convention decided to punish them with the punishment-that-shall-never-be-given.

A huge drama followed, and the couple lived happily ever-after.

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Cold blooded comedy blasphemy


Mr. Earnest, a Movie Director.

Mrs. Annamma, Movie Director's assistant.

Parthaa, the Driver


Act I. Inside the car parked outside the movie theatre

Act II. Outside the car parked outside the movie theatre

Time: Undefined.
Place: Unknown.


Inside the car parked outside the movie theatre.

[The Director is waiting inside the car.]

[Enter Mrs. Annamma]

ANNAMMA. Earnest, my dear, they are not laughing.

EARNEST. What do you mean they aren't laughing? Did you hear them not laughing?


EARNEST. It is a comedy movie.

ANNAMMA. I know. But there is no laughter. Humour is hiding.

EARNEST. Ridiculous, ridiculous. The script was hilarious. I wrote it.

ANNAMMA. They are just silent. There is a powerful sound vacuum.

EARNEST. That's impossible. I remember it was funny. Didn't it tickle your funny bone?

ANNAMMA. Yes. It did tickle me.

EARNEST. The actors also were hysterical during the filming. They had the time of their life doing what I told them to do.

ANNAMMA. Right Sir. They did laugh their bottoms up.

EARNEST. Why are the audience such cretins?

ANNAMMA. I don't know. But some of them even left the theatre in between the show.

EARNEST. That's cold blooded comedy blasphemy!

ANNAMMA. I couldn't take it as well. That's why I came out to tell you.

EARNEST. Thanks Annamma. Let's get out of here. Where is our driver?

ANNAMMA. I think he inside the hall watching the movie.

EARNEST. Thank goodness, at least the boy has some sense of humour.

ANNAMMA. Here he comes. In his face, I see… satisfaction!

EARNEST. Wonderful, Wonderful!


Outside the car parked outside the movie theatre.

[The Director and Assistant gets out of the car.]

[Enter Parthaa]

EARNEST. Partha, Did you enjoy it?

PARTHAA. Sir, it is Parthaa, not Partha.

EARNEST. Parthaa, Did you enjoy it?

ANNAMMA. Tell us, how was it?

PARTHAA. It was relaxing. Thanks for asking.

EARNEST. Thank God. All that not in vain.

ANNAMMA. Well done Earnest. Congratulations.

EARNEST. Thanks dear.

ANNAMMA. Parthaa, is it over already? I thought it went for another 30 minutes.

PARTHAA. Sorry what? No, I finished it quickly.

ANNAMMA. (exchanging look with Earnest) You finished it quickly…?

EARNEST. Were you not in the theatre?

ANNAMMA. Watching the movie?

PARTHAA. Oh, no.. no.. I was in the toilet.

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I am not from hitherto

> I sit?
< Sure.
> This is good.
< Is that water?
> Yes.
> I'm from the future.
< Right.
< Your people visit a lot these days. Are you a tourist?
> No, I am a Zogerlog.
< New kind?
> No, one of the oldest.
< Is it true that future is not time bound?
> Future is place.
< Well present is time.
< So what brings you here?
> Sex.
< Does sex has a different meaning in future?
> Sex is void in future.
< Right. What kind of sex?
> Find out. Suggestions?
< Go by the books.
> No good. Confuse.
< Really? When did you land?
> land?
< When did you try sex?
> Tomorrow
< You mean yesterday.
> No, tomorrow.
< Alright. What happened?
> The power go off. Internet loss.
< So?
> Stream interrupt at 78.
< Interesting. Why didn't you download it upfront ?
> Space waste.
< Did you finish it then?
> No. Reschedule. Suggestions?
< Well, how can I send you a link? Do you have a cellphone?
> No cellphone. If you browse, I copy history.
> Copy. Thanks.
< Wait. Not that.
> Copy.
< Not that either.
> That?
< That.
> Copy. Thanks.
< Peace.

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Blogging using nikola, github, emacs, orgmode

Blog about writing blogs

This blog about writing blogs is upon request by pestering friends. Thanks to all other blogs about writing blogs.

To know these exist

Nikola Static website generator
Github Free website hosting
emacs Emacs : A wonderful text editor
orgmode Headings, Tables, Text formatting, Genetically Awesome!!!
Python virtual environment A special work place without pollution

Curious Columbus-es should then follow the links. (or) If you just want to get your blog up and running then, bother not, you shall.


The idea is to create a blogging website hosted in Github, using a static site generator software Nikola, with the help of Python virtual environment and then write blog posts using emacs org mode.


  1. I'm using Linux.
  2. I will be assuming the name of your blog as 'bottle'


git : (British) a foolish or worthless person

– Merriam-Webster

So, keeping that in mind:

  1. Create a GitHub account with username 'bottle'
  2. Create a repository with the following name:''
  3. Instructions.

Once done this, GitHub will host your website in the following address(URL) :

Clone(copy) this newborn repository into your local machine a.k.a personal computer by using the following command:

git clone $HOME/projects/bottle

You will be adding blog posts in ~/projects/bottle directory and will push them back to GitHub later.

Python Virtual Environment

If you haven't heard the news yet, Python is a programming language and Python 3 is here to stay.

Python Virtual environment basically copies python scripts to create a new workplace. You could install custom python packages specific to your project. This means packages used for one project will not pollute another project.

For e.g. if you wish to have a separate working environment for cooking vegetables, where you don't want nikola to be installed, create a virtual environment called vegetables.

Virtual environment wrapper

Gift-wrapped python virtual environment commands. For ease of use. No need to remember too many virtualenv commands.

Let "$HOME/virenvs" be our directory for all environments.

As always, names doesn't matter. It is what you do that defines you - Spiderman's ex-girlfriend


Make sure you have pip (python package manager) installed in your machine. And follow the steps :

pip install virtualenv
pip install virtualenvwrapper
export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/virenvs
source /usr/local/bin/
mkvirtualenv bottle
workon bottle

Now you should see that you have entered the 'bottle' environment.


If you are inside the bottle, then you are ready to install nikola, the static site generator.


pip install --upgrade pip 'Nikola[extras]'
nikola plugin -i orgmode
cd $HOME/projects/bottle
git checkout -b sources

add a .gitignore file to $HOME/projects/bottle folder with the following content in it.


commit this to git

git add .gitignore
git commit -m "Add .gitignore"


Create a website using nikola

nikola init bottle

Fill in the form that follows.

It should show a success message after form is filled. Now, nikola will create a new folder called bottle inside $HOME/projects/bottle, which is unnecessary. So move its contents to $HOME/projects/bottle folder and delete the extra bottle.

mv my_first_site/* .
rm -r my_first_site

Your new site 'bottle' can be viewed either locally or globally(using a new technology called internet). The latter will be done later.

To view your recently created site locally,

nikola build
nikola serve

Open browser and enter localhost:8000 in the URL bar !

To stop the localhost web service in the terminal hit Ctrl-c.


Now, you would want to flush your ideas into blogs. That could be easily accomplished.

nikola new_post -e

The -e option will open the post in your text editor of choice;

Movimg on from editor of your choice,

  • Emacs Org-mode

    Every great software application is a file with some text in it and Emacs is a text file editor

    The best way to get started with Emacs is to follow its built-in tutorial. Open Emacs and press Ctrl-h t. Emacs tastes best when customized. Help is available at using emacs.

    org-mode in itself is the biggest reason people fall in love with Emacs so easily. I like org mode introduction by Harry Schwartz.

    Two cool things in org-mode that I must mention:

    1. creating tables |Name|Age <tab>
    2. exporting to html/pdf/LaTeX/odt/iCal … Ctrl-c Ctrl-e

  • To write a new blog post in Emacs org-mode

    You've already installed org mode plugin for nikola in your installation process.

    Now, append the following to your file(available in bottle folder)

    # Add the orgmode compiler to your COMPILERS dict.
    COMPILERS["orgmode"] = ('.org',)
    # Add org files to your POSTS, PAGES
    POSTS = POSTS + (("posts/*.org", "posts", "post.tmpl"),)
    PAGES = PAGES + (("stories/*.org", "stories", "story.tmpl"),)

    Now, to write a post using org-mode,

    nikola new_post -e -f orgmode


If you like using disqus as the commenting system then:

  1. Create a disqus account
  2. Login and click on your picture at top right and select install on site
  3. Fill in necessary details. If you don't see nikola platform in the list, don't worry, skip that and go to next page. If the next page is about installing manually by adding code where you want disqus to appear, SKIP that as well.
  4. Go to the last step and finish the configuration
  5. At the end of setup, you should see your disqus short name.
  6. That is your disqus ID you need to add in your file
# To use comments, you can choose between different third party comment
# systems.  The following comment systems are supported by Nikola:
#   disqus, facebook, googleplus, intensedebate, isso, livefyre, muut
# You can leave this option blank to disable comments.
# And you also need to add your COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID which
# depends on what comment system you use. The default is
# "nikolademo" which is a test account for Disqus. More information
# is in the manual.
COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID = "your_disqus_account_id"


To launch the site in local host

nikola build
nikola serve

The 'nikola auto' command automatically updates the local site for every change you make to your post.

nikola auto

To publish your blog to the so called internet,

Edit the file and change these following variables. This helps in keeping the master branch of GitHub page less crowded.

nikola github_deploy

And visit


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